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This site will be closing.

onesassypj late of AOL
AKA sassycent

RN= Penny M(a)cDonald
you should contact me.
Any anyone that knows her, tell her.
Would like to know if she has the courage?


Simply put, I just donít have the time to maintain this any longer.

John lost interest in this a long time ago.

It was not so much that John didn't want to continue to help people.  It was other factors that contributed to John's disinterest in this site.  In fact he was so disgusted he asked me to take it down.  I did not...though I had good reason to.  I kept the files available in case it would HELP anyone.

Over time there were more sites to help amputees with tips and to express themselves.  So this site is less necessary.

John's health was too complicated and other health issues came up.  It took more time to manage caring for himself.

And then there was the issue of the "devotees" and the stalkers.  Several women determined they had a emotional connection and attachment and were too ignorant to understand that John had MANY health issues.  At least one stalker made our lives hell.  She ingratiated herself to our son trying to get him over to her side, tried to interfere by way of parents, tried to claim John was being abused.  This woman didn't have a clue that I was the party being abused and that John was also suffering from the effects of untreated depression.  This woman from Nevada stalked me and my business clients online and crossed many lines, including an attempt to have our son steal a car and come to Nevada to live with her.  Truly a sick individual!  Unfortunately, this took place before our state had effective cyberstalking laws.  It took great effort to extricate her from our lives, including a challenge that I would use Nevada laws to obtain and EPO.  The stress and disturbance nearly killed him and he did sustain a heart attack a few months later.  I won't publish her name, she'll know who she is.--And she might benefit to know she was not the only person, but she certainly was the worst person.  I wish to her all that she had before and all she's still got coming; she was evil.

John asked me to take down this site completely because he wanted nothing to do with "those people" ever again.  I resisted because I felt like there was still merit in having information available such as the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and local extreme weather victims.

John is at rest now.  I have been so turned off by the "devotees", "wannabees" and stalkers...even the local ones trolling the aisles of Wal Mart cell video recording my husband.  You are just sick, immoral f**kers, and I have no tolerance for your behavior. Their is NO excuse for it. I cannot abide the things some people do, it is repugnant.

To those that think being a wannabee is acceptable, I give you a simple reason to reject that.  Self-fulfilling wannabees cost hospital beds, cost therapy, cost disability payments and Medicare/Medicaid.  Your illness is real and you should seek counseling and perhaps your are so disturbed you warrant a disability claim for a mental disorder.  You existence betrays amputees the entered that state NOT by their own will and wishes, causing a stigma on all amputees.  So it is NOT HARMLESS to others, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I feel continually torn when I learn of a new amputee seeking help.  I wish to warn them of the dangers of "devotees" but I feel they have enough emotional turmoil already.  Putting fear of stalkers and devotees into them just seems like another wound to make them endure, no matter how well meaning the warning might be.

If you are a later comer to this site, newly joined the ranks of amputees, your are looking for help...there are many sites out there....just BEWARE.

IF you feel like you can emotionally manage the discover of "devotees" there are plenty of places online you can learn about that.--Google it.

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Thanks to the many people we've met that have shared this experience, been supportive, helped themselves and each
other, donated time, information, and suggestions.

Have a good life.

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